Nanny Convention

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I have this idea for a convention for AB's where they come to Thailand and for a weekend or a week, they stay at a hotel at the beach and have a fulltime nanny. The name of the convention is Nanny Con and I'm looking for anyone that has experience at organizing conferences to w

So for many years I have wanted to give AB's the chance to meet a nanny and have a little bit of time being free to be the baby they want to be in an environment where they are treated as one.

From this came the idea of Nanny Con a convention for babies and nanny. Thai women are fantastic nannies, I know because I have had 3, the last one was so good it was unbelievable. She knew so much about how to treat me as a baby that I would just melt into babyhood.

So cutting to the chase. I am looking to build a team of people so we can plan this and bring it to fruition and allow babies the chance to be babies.

OK the floor is open and all you have to do is connect with me and discuss. I am open to suggestions.