Easy to Understand Site Rules

1. Make sure that you understand the ToS and Privacy Policy.
1a. You must be at least 18 years old or older to use this site. If you suspect a user to be underaged please report them to support@abdlbook.com as soon as possible. Their account will be removed and any content that they posted will be removed as well.
2. Always be respectful. If a user is disrespectful please email support@abdlbook.com and attach any screenshots as proof, also please include the direct URL to the user's profile page. They will have a warning put on their account, if they continue to be disrespectful they'll be banned from the site temporarily if they do it again they will be banned permanently. (Depending on the severity of the incident they may be banned permanently right away)
3. Please try to maintain the site clean of offensive things. We will not censor anything, however, we ask you to keep those posts shared between friends. If you find a post offensive we suggest to hide the post from your timeline or block the user.
4. If someone asks you to stop messaging them. Simply stop. This also falls under rule 2. Respect/harassment. You will be banned if you constantly harass members.
5. Please do not post nudity, scat content, etc, publicly. Either make a private page or change the shareable content to friends-only. (You can do that by pressing the small globe icon on your status update.

Last Updated: September 6th, 2019 - 05:46 CST

If you have any other tips or suggestions to improve the wording or add additional rules please PM one of the admins/moderators and/or email support@abdlbook.com. (Feel free to email us if you have any tips/questions/suggestions about/for the privacy police and/or terms of service)